Front-of-meter (FOM) energy storage interconnection needs serious policy innovation

​​Project benefits

  • Enhancing the solar hosting capacity of the existing feeder by more than 25%.
  • Quantifying the value of grid services from FOM energy storage to the PG&E distribution grid and to the CAISO-jurisdictional transmission grid.
  • Investigating the technical and economic details associated with configuring FOM DER into Community Microgrids that deliver unparalleled resilience to customers, like the vulnerable populations that reside at the Valencia Gardens Apartments. Importantly, through a Valencia Gardens Community Microgrid, the hundreds of vulnerable residents can be sheltered in place rather than have to be transferred to emergency shelters during disasters, where they would just consume space and other resources that should be reserved for people who cannot be easily sheltered in place.

Key challenges

  • Time: It took two years from the inception of the Fast Track Interconnection process to completion of the pre-construction phase, when permits could be pulled.
  • Cost: The cumulative costs increased throughout this time period, growing from the expected $156,999 to $460,887.
  • Uncertainty: Uncertainties around PG&E personnel, equipment upgrades, construction requirements, costing, project schedule, and timelines prevented the project from moving forward as expected.

​​Proposed solutions

Pilot for Streamlining Fast Track FOM Energy Storage Interconnection

  • A more complete application package to be submitted by the interconnection applicant, ready for detailed analysis.
  • Scoping review merged into technical analysis and mandatory field meeting, allowing for early exploration of alternative solutions to PG&E discretionary thresholds and early resolution of any issues discovered.
  • Final design and costing locked in early, with the financial burden placed on PG&E for cost and/or design changes made after the technical analysis and mandated field meeting.
  • Reduced costs for interconnection facilities upgrades and design changes.
  • Shortened timeline gap between SGIA / financial security deposit phase to pre-construction / permit-ready status.

Fixed Fee & Utility Pays (FixUP) policy




Accelerating the transition to #renewableenergy and a modern grid through technical, policy, and project development expertise.

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Clean Coalition

Clean Coalition

Accelerating the transition to #renewableenergy and a modern grid through technical, policy, and project development expertise.

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